Dr. Michael McFarland / President (NABSE)
Dr. Nardos King / President-Elect (NABSE)
Dr. Geneva A. Stark Pittman / Treasurer (NABSE)
Ms. Jacqueline Herriott / Secretary (NABSE)


Mr. Ty G. Jones / Chairperson Governance Commission
Dr. Valerie Littles-Butler / Chairperson Administration Commission
Ms. Betty Maceo / Chairperson Parent Commission
Mr. Thandabantu Maceo / Chairperson Higher Education Commission
Mr. Harry Preston / Chairperson Instruction and Instructional Support Commission
Ms. Debra Porter Sawyer / Chairperson Retired Educators Commission
Dr. Andre Spencer / Chairperson Superintendents Commission

Regions Representatives

Ms. Velma C. Hicks / Representative North East Region
Dr. Betty Howell-Gray / Representative South East Region
Mr. Tijuana Russell / Representative Mid West Region
Ms. Rhonda Williams / Representative South West Region
Dr. Sandra Carpener-Stevenson/ Representative (Interim) West Region
Hon. Racquel Berry-Benjamin/ Representative (Interim) International Region

Ms. Tai Chapman / Corporate Representative (NABSE)
Dr. Emma L. Marshall Epps / Chairperson (NABSE Foundation)

Dr. Lloyd Sain, Jr / Director of the NABSE Research Center and Ex Officio Board Member

Fadhilika Atiba-Weza / Executive Director (NABSE)