Education Imperatives

  1. Charter Schools - NABSE believes that no public funds from any source should be used to support charter schools. Such schools should be privately funded.
  2. Collaboration – NABSE supports maintaining collaborative relationships with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and other governance-based groups that directly impact educational policy.

Legislative Priorities

  1. Funding Inequality - Inequities in the K-12 governance policy structure indicate that unfair practices in the funding of school districts exist, and the dissemination of total funds/grants to various school districts serving students of color must be resolved. There is longstanding research, data and information available to substantiate these inequities.
  2. Coronavirus Funding – Continual funding to schools to purchase appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) will be critical throughout the duration of the national coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Virtual Learning Implications – Policies are needed to address the impact and implications of virtual learning upon educational staff, including certified/licensed teachers, academic intervention specialists, paraprofessionals, special education aides, secretaries, etc. Issues to be considered include salary increases, hazard pay and professional development training on virtual learning curriculum that has proven successful and increased achievement among K-12 populations.

Thought Leaders

Ms. Aicha Davis, Dr. Deborah Hunter Harvill & Mr. Casey Thomas

Ms. Rhonda Williams-Recorder