Education Imperatives

  1. Assessment Questions - NABSE believes the development of high stakes assessment questions should take cultural differences and language exposure into account.
  2. Student Outcomes & Teacher Capacity - NABSE supports high stakes assessments being used as a tool for improving outcomes for students, and to improve teachers' capacity in the areas of pedagogy and content.

Legislative priorities

  1. Certification Impact -Amend existing state laws to adjust the impact Career and Technology Education (CTE) industry-standard certifications have on state and federal accountability.
  2. CTE Hiring & Classrooms - Appropriate additional funding toward hiring and retaining skilled CTE educators; equip classrooms to deliver high-quality programs that meet the demands of the 21st century workforce.

Thought Leaders

Ty G. Jones & Dr. Darryl Henson
Dr. Ayanna Shivers – Recorder