Education Imperatives

  1. Academic Success - NABSE believes academic success goes beyond a basic level of proficiency in content areas and includes richness in fluency with academic language (including numeracy), Bi-Literacy, AP courses and foreign languages.
  2. African American Teachers - NABSE believes hiring of African American teachers increases the opportunities for student success, especially for students of color.
  3. Social Emotional Learning - NABSE believes Social Emotional Learning (SEL) should be the anchor to provide joyful and thriving learning experiences for students. Every school district should establish an SEL policy that requires educators to implement systems/structures to educate the whole child. By doing so, all students - especially students of color - will engage in environments that support their sense of belonging which values their assets as human beings.
  4. Equity - NABSE believes equity should be the premise of everything we do as educators. Every school district should establish an equity policy that focuses on eliminating opportunity gaps, interrupting institutional bias and removing barriers to academic and social success for all students. Now more than ever, this recommendation is more relevant to ensure that schools disrupt all of the structures that impact students of color - most importantly, males of color.

Legislative Priorities

  1. Social Emotional Learning - NABSE supports legislative action to allocate funding to school districts to expand human capital to focus on Social Emotional Learning to impact the needs of the whole child.
  2. Equity Policy - NABSE supports legislative action to establish an equity policy in every school district to ensure educators disrupt and dismantle racist systems in schools that prevent students of color from thriving in school and in life.
  3. Literacy & Numeracy Standards - NABSE supports legislative action requiring school districts to infuse literacy and numeracy standards in all academic subjects.


  1. Professional Learning Community - NABSE should develop a professional learning community to build educator capacity in Social Emotional Learning and equity evidence-based best practices.
  2. Urban Leadership Academy - NABSE should explore establishing an urban leadership academy to equip educators with best practices and research to support student success in the 21st century.

Thought Leaders

Dr. William Blake & Mr. Jacky Brown
Warren Salmon-Recorder