Thursday, November 14, 2019

Workshop series I

How Can We Support Tier 3 Behavior Students in K-5?

Equity Walkthroughs

African-American Math Achievement Toolkit: Supporting Equity-Based Instructional Practices

Project-based Learning in Alternative Education: Relationships, Relevance, and Quick Wins

Black Male Learning Styles: Adjusting Teaching Styles to Support Achievement

Innovating Human Capital Management to Drive Positive School Transformation

Integrating Social and Emotional Learning to Increase Student Academic Outcomes

Workshop series II

National Board Certification: Impacting Students and Educators of Color

Understanding and Addressing Bias in Schools as Catalyst for Equity and Institutional Change

If It Isn’t Evidenced, It Isn’t Happening: Equity Monitoring Progress Tool

Disrupting Status Quo in Our Schools with a Vengeance

Fullerton’s Journey: How We Reduced Suspensions and Improved Literacy Scores

What Are You Doing While Waiting for Equity?

The Tools for Addressing the Needs of Middle Schoolers to High School

Friday, November 15, 2019 - workshop series III

Workshop series III

When is Intervention Necessary: Identifying, Monitoring, and Supporting Struggling Learners

Professional Learning Reimagined: Coaching for Principals and Principal Supervisors

Partnering for Literacy: Schools, Community and Black Parents

Race and Equity Policy Adopted, Its Implementation, and Systemic Change on the Rise

Restorative Justice: Changing School Culture

Examining High-Quality Professional Learning for Equity Through a Professor-in-Residence Model

Diagnostic and Instructional Implications of African American English in the Classroom

Workshop series IV

Perspective Drives Performance: Be the Advantage for Children Everyday

How Social and Emotional Learning Can Turnaround Educational Outcomes

The “S” Stands for Sustainability

Systemic Oppression: Effectson Policy, Culture Academic and Behavioral Outcomes

Partnering for Literacy: Schools, Community and Black Parents (Repeat)

Every Student Deserves An Accomplished Teacher

One Team One Fight: Trotwood-Madison Results-Driven Turnaround Approach

New Finish Lines: Banneker High’s Formula for Raising the Stakes

Workshop series V

Strategies for Working with Black Males Who Have Experienced Trauma

Social and Emotional Learning: A Pathway to Equity

Understanding the Data to Impact Student Outcomes: Developing District and Board Goals

The New Silent Killer-Solutions to the Unspoken Dangers of Inequity

Achieving Equity at Scale: Two Focused Models for School Improvement

Rethinking Gender, Sexism, and Sexuality in Public Schools

Raising the Titanic: Transforming the Lowest Performing Schools in Kansas

Workshop series VI

Access Permitted (AP): Getting More Black Students into Advanced Placement Courses

Southland’s Story: A Lesson in Delivering College Equity

Justice Is in the Details: Content, Equity, Standards, and Instruction

Racial Equity Policy: Racial Neglect in School Districts

As The School Turns: Improving and Sustaining Student Achievement in Turnaround Schools

Breathing and Achieving: Use of Movement and Breathe to Destress and Empower Your Students

Bullying and Relational Aggression’s Impact on Black and Latina Girls

Saturday, November 16, 2019 - workshop series III

Workshop series VII

Utilizing STEAM: Transforming the Summer Slump into a Summer Bump

Making HBCUs Attainable to Low SES African American High School Students

Who Cares? Motivating and Engaging Reluctant Secondary Students to Learn

Student Equity in the Gifted Program

C. R. E. A. T. E. Culturally Responsive Education And Teacher Empowerment